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Our Team


Pharmacist / Owner

David, owner of Spears & MacLeod Pharmasave, received his Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy in 1986 from Dalhousie University. He loves interacting with the staff and the Yarmouth customers alike! He enjoys how alive the Pharmacy is, and how the busy pace keeps him always ready for more. When not at the store (which isn't often!) you'll find him with his family, listening music, or reading a good book. 



Karen has been with Spears and Macleod for many years and enjoys being part of the Health Care Team.  In 1982 Karen received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from Dalhousie. She likes being able to share her knowledge and information with our customers to help improve their health outcomes. When Karen isn't working with perscriptions she can be found walking her dog, listening to music, doing home renovations and losing the days stresses watching Coronation Street.



Everyday Mike gets to see the customers of Spears & MacLoed Pharmasave become healthier and healthier, and takes pride in knowing his assistance with them makes a big difference. Mike received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy in 1982 from Dalhousie University. Mike's been with the Pharmacy since 2004.



Pharmacy Technician

Sheila enjoys the challenges that Compounding practice can bring with its ever changing medications and methods. No two days are alike!  Sheila has worked at the Pharmacy since 1993.


Pharmacy Technician

Vanessa works mostly with creating Blister Packs in the back room, and likes the fast paced environment of the ever changing Pharmacy. She's worked at the store for over 10 years and has become a real expert in her field. She loves to shop, walk and take care of her kids, when not getting blisters at the store, seriously.


Pharmacy Tech

Danielle joined Pharmasave in 2012.   She is a graduate of the pharmacy assistant program.  Danielle enjoys spending time with family and friends, she loves the outdoors.


Pharmacy Technician

Debbie has been with Spears & Macleod Pharmasave since 2005.  She says she couldn't ask for better people to work with (and her co-workers say the same!) and enjoys that each day is both challenging, and fun at the same time. When not at the store, you'll find Debbie cooking some tasty treats in the kitchen.  Debbie is an animal lover and supporter of Trap Neuter Release.


Office Manager / Accountant

Susan joined the Spears & Macleod Pharmacy office team in 2012.  She brings with her much retail pharmacy experience.  Susan loves numbers and problem solving.  In her off hours, she enjoys knitting and spending time with her family.  She is an animal lover.


POS Operator

Liz has worked at the Pharmacy since 1991 providing over 20 years of experience in almost every department of the store. Liz spends much of her working hours in inventory management  When not helping customers and her fellow co-workers she also loves a warm afternoon tending her flowers in the garden.


Registered Nurse

Jody is a Registered Nurse.  She can assist customers with monitoring blood glucose and blood pressure.  If you have any questions regarding medical aids, she is your gal.  Jody is also an Ideal Protein weight loss coach.  


Home Health Care

As a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and previously a Long Term Health care provider, Heather brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Home Health Care Department. Heather can provide our customers with foot care, phone our store to book an appointment.  She takes great pride in helping all the customers that come to the store, and is especially pleased to see them getting better and better each time. You must come by and let Heather bring healing into your life. 


Office / Accounts Receivable

Tammy gets through the challenges of each day by the joy and laughter her fellow team brings. She credits this position of 12 years for pushing her out of her comfort zone, and challenging her in ways no other job has done! It's a good thing when you love coming to work each day. She relieves the stress of the day by taking Zumba classes with a few of her co-workers at night.


Office / Head Cashier

Nicole enjoys coming to work each day knowing that everyday will be just a little different then the last. She is the go-to-girl for most cashier questions and with over 10 years on the job she still loves it. This is her home away from home, but when she is not here she enjoys her family, being a hockey mom, walking and her zumba nights with her friends.


Cosmetic Department

It's always time for a new make over! Come in and ask Linda what the latest cosmetic trends are – she'd be happy to help you.  In fact, her favourite part of her job is cosmetic consulting and enjoying the fabulous repeat customers she's gotten to know well. Linda has been with Spears & Macleod Pharmasave since 1982!


Postal Outlet

Gail works in the Postal Outlet . An employee since 2005, Gail genuinely finds her co-workers and the customers very friendly, which makes her days restful and full of fun. Gail can also be found watching her favourite stock racing shows, while spending time with her family. 



Dot has had plenty of retail and hotel front desk experience, making her a perfect fit as Cashier at Spears & MacLeod Pharmasave. She feels a great compassion to take care of the customers, especially the older ones, which is where her heart lies. Come by the store and let Dot help you - she'd be pleased to do so. 


Office / Store Clerk

Judy has worked at Spears & MacLeod Pharmasave since 2002, she started in the Post Office Department and currently works in the business office.  Judy enjoys spending time with her grandchildren.


Shipper / Receiver

Dora likes Shipping and Receiving (though not as much in the winter!) as it's great exercise and always let's her to do her own thing throughout the day. She loves what she does, and couldn't imagine doing anything else - and after working at Spears & MacLeod Pharmasave for over 33 years, she's must be right. When not at the store, you'll find her camping in her own property. 


Customer Service

Fraser works in many departments of Spears & Macleod Pharmasave, but certainly most enjoys his time behind the Southwest Photo Centre counter. He also enjoys the freedom of doing the occasional delivery or setting up hospital beds. When not at the store, Fraser loves to watch his son play hockey – passionately. 


Cashier / Floor

Mark takes great pride in making the shelves look good. There's always something new to stock and as a result he's become an expert in what the store holds. Ask him if you need anything! 



Jamie is a powerhouse on the sales floor.  She can be counted on to help as a cashier and fill in for receiving.  

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